Theory: Philosophy Of The First Arrow

The concept relates to human reactions, response and instincts for revenge.

The philosophy of the first arrow, says that, yes, it hurts. The second arrow however is actually an attack we do onto ourselves. A true martial artist uses skills beyond physical combat to engage his foes. You need to develop the warrior spirit that knows there is no benefit to anyone in an actual fight. 

As a sport, it definitely has its place in society. As a self-defence skill, it inculcates both physical and mental discipline essential for social welfare including overall health and well-being. Yet, as an act of rage or retaliation, the fight brings escalation and eventual losses to all involved. 

Prepare such that there is no need for war!

Please refer the brilliant interview and message from "The Ultimate Shaolin Routine"

5 hindrances to self-mastery :

  • Sensual Desire (5 senses)
  • Ill Will / Aversion
  • Dullness / Heaviness (body & mind)
  • Restlessness (present moment)
  • Sceptical Doubt (indecision, what-if)

Prevent these or find a technique to remove it.

4 steps to remove hindrances :

  • Recognise (your current state of mind)
  • Accept (acknowledge, allow the situation/person to be as-is)
  • Investigate (emotional, mental state -- ask why it come up, what is consequences of being in that state)
  • Non-identification (I am not the body, mind, my emotions --just that I can see these aspects about me)

Two mistakes along the way to self-mastery 

  1. Not starting it and
  2. Not going all the way

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