Sections of this magazine are primarily divided into Twelve Topics. Below are brief descriptions of these, published monthly.

Sensei Says : Here we have experienced martial-art masters sharing their wisdom and experience. These include Soke, Officials of Federation/s and Association/s, Sensei from local and multi-State Dojos and students who just earned the approval of their Sensei to teach his students.

Kumite & Kobudo Analysis : Kumite tests the combat skills between students of the same grade. It is essential that we practice it to hone our skills and have no fear or failure. Its always an honor to have a capable opponent at the Dojo as well as at District-level, State and National level competitions. Without Kumite, the martial-artist is incomplete in his training for the belt he wears.

Eternal Student : Success is a habit to be practiced, not a destination. Therefore, the student of martial-arts is a student for life.... always pursuing perfection and addition to his art. One also has to adapt to changing society and lifestyle. The master of martial-arts is a student who is still discovering new skills and theory.

Women's View : The Shakti of the women martial-artists has not entirely benefited many others who desire a lady-instructor for personal reasons. In this Section, we will try and explore what a lady-practitioner of the arts has undergone to learn and sustain her training, impact of Society, family and traditions. Expectations of instructors from women aspiring for learning martial-arts. How those women who have earned the title of Sensei can inspire and encourage women in their neighbourhood to pick-up this sport for fitness and self-defence.

Events : This Section will mention upcoming competitions, championships, demonstrations, and various events related to martial arts, its practitioners, Dojo/s, Federations, announcements, and of course reports on events that have concluded along with photos of the same.

News : Latest updates and news from across India. There would also be international news relevant to martial artists of India. New Dojo, products, services, et al are also mentioned here. However, this is not a directory nor classifieds service.

Essential Theory : Why does every average martial-art student ignore theory and demand fighting skills at their Dojo? Where has the training faltered? Or is it mass-media, movies and cartoons that drive children as well as adults to imagine Self-Defence as a technique for Assault?

In Entertainment : After labour, there should follow refreshment with nourishment. As is said, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." So in this section we catch up with martial-arts in pop-culture. It also shows how martial-arts and its artists have influenced culture and vice-versa.

Junior Jam : Children may not always aspire to undergo the difficult training required by athletes. Can you as a trainer or fellow martial-artist or a parent, recognize the child's view of being sent to a Dojo every week? Let's all contribute to enabling talent and developing interest in all who visit your Dojo!

Fitness Formula : This Section deals with using martial arts exercises for losing weight or recovering lost endurance and physical capabilities. It also benefits adults undergoing stress a simple alternative of body-weight exercises instead of paying / commuting for any gym. Confined spaces are no obstacle.

Quotes : Something for everyone, expert to those who only just got interested in martial arts. Keep going. It takes years for a traditional Dojo to grant you a color belt. These motivational quotes or inspirational books will keep you engaged in pursuit of your goals.

In Photos : Interesting photos, artwork, and individuals sharing their achievements & transformation. These images are hosted on our Pinterest Profile.

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