Eternal Student Nov-2022

Presenting a second episode of Eternal Student this month of November 2022. We spoke to a young trainer who only taught one-to-one, i.e. there would only be one student at each session. He believed that this optimized the training:
* for himself as a trainer providing specific customized training to the person in front of him
* and to the student with their own unique nature and physique

Since this trainer did not need the money but had the urge to share the skills that worked for him, he has refused students who were willing to pay the fees but not obey the Dojo rules and/or traditions. He has requested anonymity for obvious reasons.


1. You don't need some special expensive clothing to practice exercise at your home. Your regular gym clothes should suffice. However, if you have joined a Dojo, they will provide you with their uniform which is called a  'Gi'. You need to wear it before entering the Dojo and respect it as it represents tradition & discipline.

2. You don't need and should not be wearing headphones (or air pods or whatever musical gadget you normally cannot seem to live without). If you find martial arts exercises boring, then maybe you should stick to the gym because even outdoor sports require you to leave your favorite music behind in the locker / backpack.

Even when practicing your exercise routine at home, please move into a room without music and television.

3. Don't get discouraged because someone else who is already in better fitness progresses faster than you despite joining at the same time as you. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. If you know your limitations and take them as a challenging opportunity, you will make a life-changing transformation, thus outdoing anyone who got a head-start in the sport.

Compete with your past self. Not with others. Respect the opponent. It is always an honor to have someone to spar with.

4. Commitment is something not taken seriously by people in cities. Martial Arts Dojo is considered as good as some Gym membership. Since money is paid, these 'students' believe they can come and go at whatever time and skip classes without bothering to inform their Sensei about reasons and circumstances.

Dojos, just as traditional Yoga Ashrams of India used to refuse students without giving any reasons. So the fact that in 21st century, anyone can come and get admission in a Dojo instantly at first visit is a great privilege that is much abused by adults and/or their children.