Eternal Student Nov-2022

Every martial arts student is a student for life. Their continued practice honors their Sensei as well as honors their own body-mind-spirit. The learning and practice of techniques and skills is a lifelong journey to discover new applications and aspects of traditional forms. One may even observe the new surroundings and implement close combat in instances such as, defending a knife attack in a crowded bus or train.

Observation, awareness, fitness are all simplified by regular practice of Katas. Developing discipline to dedicate one's life to this lifestyle will awaken the warrior spirit. Thus giving confidence & strength to face various challenges in public, private and professional life.

Success is a habit to be practiced, not a destination. Therefore, the student of martial-arts is a student for life.... always pursuing perfection and addition to his art. One also has to adapt to changing society and lifestyle. The master of martial-arts is a student who is still discovering new skills and theory.

So, in this Section, we present views and experiences of students, new and accomplished and those students who have been rewarded to be an instructor by their Sensei.

This Month, Mr Ujjwal, Editor for shares his review of a good book and whether books help in a combat sport such as Karate: 

  • The book is 144 pages only and has black & white photos
  • Therefore "Comprehensive" refers to the Series of Karate books honorable Nakayama has written
  • Please Note, this book is about "Shotokan" Karate, so if you are new to Karate, please check / ask which is the most suitable technique for you.
  • By simply looking at the front cover and back cover and even skimming through table of contents & photos in the book, a newcomer won't know this is Shotokan Karate.
  • The first book is still affordable, the rest of the books in this Series cost more than twice the price of this one.
  • Always ask your local Dojo if you are keen on books on the subject. Theory in Karate is as important as practicals (just as in Yoga)
  • Quality of paper used in this book is very good. Even after years of reading, storage, it looks good for reference.
  • All the short summaries within this book becomes an entire book through the many other "Best Karate" books of the Shotokan Master.
    e.g. topics of Kata, Kumite, they are covered in a book-length work by the author in other books in this Series.
    Refer Photo of back cover & Click on image to enlarge
  • Primarily, the books by honorable Nakayama are expensive due to Import Costs, as they are not printed by any Publisher in India (such as books on Management, Finance, Self-Help, Fiction novels, etc.)
  • Even if you are not a Shotokan practitioner, the book has priceless wisdom of a legendary figure in Japanese and World Karate history.

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