Junior Jam Nov-2022

Hey, not all children want to be in a Dojo because they watched some animated movie. Not all of them are forced into martial art training because of parents' one-sided decision. Of course, there will be schools pushing the martial art they are teaching on their campus, removing all choice for parents and toddlers. Did they just watch some movie or TV show or video clip somewhere and have kicking and punching as their latest fad?

Out of the many stones cast into this river, one will definitely absorb the energy, focus and skills from his/her Sensei. Such a unique talent is not an eager aggressive child nor someone pushed into it by school or peer-pressure (actually its the parents feeling pressure from fellow parents to send their kids to whatever fad they are in to). These children surface again among the pool of talent all around cities and competitions.

Without encouragement and appropriate guidance, they may never realize their full potential and hone skills useful for a lifetime, and not just in physical endurance.

In this month's Junior Jam, we report on a parent who never realized how seriously and sincerely their child has been about ____ form of martial art.

We also learn how it is most significant for adults to check if the child views martial arts as a fighting form or a defence skill which builds concentration, discipline and self-esteem.

So if you are a parent or guardian, please share your experience and follow this Section.