Sensei Says Nov-2022


Every month, we ask 7 questions or doubts or trivia to a well-known practitioner of any martial-art in India. This month we talk to venerable Soke Dr. Ravi

Editor: For those unaware, I would like to mention, Soke Dr R L has been a pioneering force in martial arts in India. He has not only established accomplished Dojos and trained excellent Karatekas who became a successful Sensei themselves, he ventured beyond Goju-ryu Karate as well.

His bio-data and list of awards, prizes, bouts, titles, are endless. We have only listed a few most significant achievements at the end of this interview transcript.

Dear Sir, would you please introduce yourself to our readers in your own words.

Soke: "  "

Editor: How many years of discipline did it take you to achieve international success in martial arts?

Soke: "   "