Action Weekend: Results & Photos from Karate Times Cup 2022

In the News this Monday, Results & Photos from Karate Times Cup 2022 held over the weekend, on 17 and 18 December 2022.

List of Winners from Sensei Bharat P Chauhan students
Cheif instructor and Representetive of Maharastra and Gujrat States,
Okinawa Uechiryu Karate-Do Kenyukai India and Reihokan Kobudo India.

Parth Gavde
Individual Kata Bronze
Team Kata Broze
Individual kumite Silver

Yashica Ughade
Color belt
Kobudo Kata Silver
Individual kata Gold

Ghanshyam Lalbadur Batala
Individual Kata Bronze
Individual Kumite Gold
Team Kata Gold
Team Kumite Gold

Mahesh Poojari
Team Kata Gold
Team kumite Gold

Avinash Rambade
Individual kata Silver
Team Kata Gold
Team Kumite Gold

Bharat Chauhan
Master Category in Kata Gold

Below we present some photos from the spectacular event.

the Opening Ceremony

Kyoshi K V Manoharan, Director, Chief Instructor & Chief Examiner of this form of martial-art

Presenting below are the photos of the Masters with their winning students.

Sensei Bharat Chauhan who won Master Category in Kata Gold, along with his Winning Students, receiving the award from Kyoshi K V Manoharan

Honorable Kyoshi K V Manoharan with the Sensei trained by him

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