Exercises to improve in Karate + Decathalon Sale


We noticed a grand Sale of gym and athletic equipment, shoes and clothing at Decathalon India website.

You can order some of the goodies online whereas some equipment you need to pickup from the nearest store.

What was more interesting was that we found two wonderful Blog Posts by Karatekas on physical exercises that would give you an edge in Kumite and overall fitness.

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Exercises at Home to Improve in Karate by Deepanwita Bera
click here: https://blog.decathlon.in/articles/deepanwita-bera-exercises-at-home-to-improve-in-karate

....in this article the author Deepanwita shares her experience of training and then participating in tournaments. She suggests some specific exercises that have helped her improve her performance and get a competitive edge over rivals.

Whenever we think of combat sports, we always imagine young people or see a sea of children in stadiums and halls. Has anyone imagined senior citizens kicking and punching in boxing or martial arts? 

Maybe you will yawn aloud recalling a recent Rocky Balboa sequel starring Stallone? Well, what if combat sports is suggested to keep these senior citizens enthusiastic and energetic? Losing muscle mass? Bone density? What can sports do to improve overall fitness?

Do have a look at this very interesting blog post at Decthalon India website....

Combat Sports and Seniors: click

Let us know your thoughts and experiences on these blog posts at the sports retailer online store. Hey, if you bought some cool gear for a great price, do share with us how you included them in your martial arts training and practice. 

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