Martial Arts Principles: Theory for practitioners

 A popular saying among Karateka is

"A blackbelt isn’t something you wear, its something you become."

Martial arts students should embrace guiding principles that will enhance their life, inside and outside the Dojo. Their Sensei or their particular martial-art-form may have other unique school of thought. These traditions are significant part of every martial-arts grading and practice.

Briefly, the very basic principles are:

  1. The principle of non-resistance: harmony with nature, cultiavting senses and self-awareness

  2. the principle of accommodation: push yourself toward new goals and achievements, lifelong learning & practice, inner & outer growth

  3. the principle of balance: for example: Goju-ryu (hard-soft style) neither too hard nor too soft, similarly neither too fast nor too slow, etc. Avoid extremes and find balance in body-mind-spirit, balance of speech & hearing, thinking and doing!

  4. and the principle of natural order: accept & respect the natural progress of life, career and your grading in Dojo / Federation. Don't hurry and don't force your own body, don't pressurize others for progress.

Contemplating deeper on these 4 principles will give martial artists (practitioners) a definite direction to be followed in their daily lives.

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