7th Open International Karate Championship

7th Open International Semi-Contact Karate Championship will be held in Sri Lanka

It is scheduled for 07-April-2023

at Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Please get in touch with the Organizer, Hanshi W.A.S.P. J. Medonza. the President and Chief Instructor for Mouele Shotokan Karate Do Association of Sri Lanka.
Tel: +94 766 432460
email: medonzakarate@gmail.com

Martial Artists of India are encouraged to get in touch with
Renshi Shimoga Vinod, Tournament Technical Director of the 7th Open International Semi Contact Shotokan Karate Championship
Also the Chief Instructor and Technical Director for Mouele Shotokan Karate Do Association of India.
Tel:  +91 99009 33653

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