Kumite Analysis: UFC Fighter Stephen Thompson

UFC Fighter Stephen Thompson Breaks Down Martial Arts Scenes from Movies

UFC fighter and karate expert Stephen Thompson breaks down martial arts scenes from movies, including
'The Karate Kid,'
'Cobra Kai,'
'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia,'
'The Matrix,'
'The Way of the Dragon,'
'The Art of Self-Defense,'
'Step Brothers,'
'Fighter in the Wind,'
'Beverly Hills Ninja' and

Surprisingly, Stephen brings a fresh dose of reality and tells us exactly what works and why. He also helps us understands the honor and dignity in a martial artist that is essential to traditional martial arts. 

You will also realise, not surprisingly, that he is yet another honest fighter telling you that your odds against multiple attackers isn't too great even if there are just two against one. Throw in a knife and you are in a life and death situation. 

Plus you also get to learn what is acceptable in a ring and what goes on in a no-holds-barred streetfight. For all the keen students, he has advice on knowing which Dojo or Sensei represents an honorable method of teaching. Basically, you don't want a bully as your trainer. 

Ultimately, a sportsman creates a sporting man.