Micro Workouts for building muscle

Can a person boost muscle growth by spending less time in the gym? The training method is old and well-publicized by fitness champions such as Arnold Schwarzenegger. When you hit a plateau with muscle strength and endurance, just shock those muscles with a surprise weight or new exercise all-together.

A recent article in Men's Health magazine explores this concept.

Could Ten-Minute ‘Micro Workouts’ Be The Key To Building The Best Physique of Your Life?
Work from home? Pulse your workouts throughout the day to supersize your gains

by Andrew Tracey from Men's Health magazine

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"Micro workouts’ involve performing short, sharp bursts of resistance training, just ten minutes in length, multiple times throughout the day. Training more frequently in this way actually means you exercising less in total, clocking up just 30 minutes of total workout time per day, 4-5 days per week. 

The concept of this approach is in the intensity you’re able to apply; with just 10 minutes to get through, and then hours to recover, you’re essentially hitting each exercise (or pair of exercises) fresh, enabling you to go all in and lay down some serious muscle building effort.

Train, Eat, Repeat: Get some exercise for e.g. before breakfast, before lunch, before dinner, etc. Such a schedule will also help to manage your blood sugar and appetite, as well as leaving you walking around with a pretty solid pump, 24 hours a day, all in half the time.

Target your chest, shoulders, legs and back — doing full-body muscle workout. Grab your weights and use a running clock. For each micro workout, perform the planned reps of movement one at the beginning of each minute, for five minutes, before immediately beginning five minutes of movement two.

When you are able to do these sets without much effort, its time to add weights to those dumbbells."

.........Also, have a look at an article from Guardian UK newspaper. They have quoted fitness enthusiasts and the methods that work best.

No pain, plenty of gain: why taking it easy can be the key to getting fitter – and happier
by Joel Snape from Guardian

"Whether you’re running, working out in the gym or lifting weights, the perfect workout doesn’t have you gasping for breath. Here’s why less can be more.

There is something about the easy memorability of motivational quotes such as “no pain no gain” that makes them feel instinctively right. But how true is the adage, and is it possible to make gains without feeling the burn?

“In fitness, the answer is always: ‘It depends,’” says Zack Cahill, a senior trainer at Evolve Fitness in London. “What is the goal? What are you trying to achieve in the workout?” "

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Have you beaten your fitness goals? Its month of March 2023, so how many of you have stuck to your fitness resolutions in the New Year?

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