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The priceless fitness website has not changed much since the time we used dial-up to connect to Yahoo GeoCities and Lycos Tripod. Underneath this resilience and success is a vast physiological wealth of information. Almost like a summarised encyclopaedia for exercises.

There may be exercises and probably muscles you never knew about, that you will discover at

The navigation of the website is reminiscent of the golden olden days of basic bare-bones website but because it is the 21st century, the advantage this has is of course super-fast loading of its webpages.

The domain name of the website alludes to an online “exercise prescription". Their exercise and fitness data is sourced by professors, physical therapists, physicians, coaches, and military personnel, and endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine. They have even granted use of its materials to NASA and the N.Y.P.D.

The creator and publisher of the website is James Griffing. He has a master’s in exercise physiology and psychology from Kansas State University (1996) and started this epic website after winning the "Mr.Kansas" bodybuilding title. Other contributors to this website also have Ph.D.s and M.D.s and M.S.s, as their qualification.

The breadcrumb trails, the simple text without fancy formatting, the to-the-point bullet lists, minimal advertising, all of this makes it very easy to use -- almost as if you are reading an ebook on a handheld device. Try it out and let us know how useful you found it to be.

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