Highlights from World Kempo Championship 2023

Team India was well represented at the 19th World Kempo Championship held in Portugal under the leadership of Dr. Ravi Lalwani. The team flew from India on Monday 24-April.

Another good news was that Kempo will be in Asian Indoor Games soon.

Team India results till today
4 Silver medals
13 Bronze medal

This includes Maanav Chhugani, a true fighter who got Silver in full contact competition.

To watch them live in 19th World Championship Portugal, visit:

Meanwhile, here are some memorable moments from this epic event. Total of 3200+ participants, over 103 nations, 12 arenas, numerous spectators. Being represented here is a giant leap for India's martial artists. 

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Team India at the 19th World Kempo Championship

With Team Nepal

Bronze begins the medal tally journey
India also represented among Referees
Another one bagged by the team

Weapon Kata competition medal for India
A silver win for the team
Stay tuned for more news and results from this World Kempo Championship.