Martial Arts and Chess

It is often mentioned how two diverse games have their origins in India. Kung-Fu (through Bodhidharma), JuJutsu (India's wrestling & grappling), are martial arts documented to be something developed out of India's traditional combat styles. 

Also, Chess is well-documented to be a game played by royalty in ancient India. The known, recorded history of chess goes back at least to the emergence of a similar game, 'chaturanga', in seventh-century India.

Mind and body are both thoroughly tested in a martial artist, with or without chess.

You should also look forward to participating in Kata Team tournaments just as chess players have Chess Team tournaments -- so as to be capable in teamwork while also developing individual fighting skills.

Keeping that in mind, here is a humorous meme from the internet.... the legendary Chuck Norris ready for combat.

* * * 

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