Entertainment? Pillow Fight Championship

Unlike MMA or Karate, anyone can participate in a pillow fight. Not just in the comfort of your home, you can participate in the Championship tournaments as well.

The beauty of this sport is also in the fact that one does not need to explain "pillow fight" to people -- they already know it.

In the PFC, fighters are matched up as per their relative size and experience levels by a “matchmaker” in this unique universe of combat sports. Fights consist of only three 90-second rounds because hurling a broad, 2lb pillow with as much force as a golf club is strenous after the four-minute mark, even for athletes in elite shape.

These queen-sized pillows can make quite an impact when it hits your face, even if its just foam enclosed in a nylon cover.

Serial entrepreneur Steve Williams founded the Pillow Fighting Championship and believes it is not a mere gimmick. He is pursuing recognition for pillow fights as a professional sport. He believes there is hardcore aggression in pillow fighting but no one gets hurt -- and lot of people don't want to see blood and actual violence anymore.

Its a combat sport for the modern generation of touch-screen button pushers who have the luxury of instant-learning from images and videos.

Williams is borrowing heavily from the UFC's franchising business model and lurid, aggressive branding. He went door-to-door selling this concept to martial-arts studios and boxing gyms of south Florida, he recruited dozens of active MMA fighters, reality TV stars, bare-knuckle boxers, mechanics, single moms and veterinarians to start training with his pillows. Then he hosted exhibition matches in south Florida gyms and casinos.

In an MMA match, a player can only handle one or two matches due to the severity of the assualt. In PFC, you can fight daily, all year round and not get hurt and not hurt others. Just six months in the sport can make you a veteran in Pillow Fighting! Impossible in other combat sports. No risk of injuries, especially life / career threatening injury.

How do you fight professionally with pillows? Well, you simply register at the PFC website and follow the simple Do and Don't

Similarly, the sport is defined with specific terminology, Scoring methods and detailed Rules at their official website https://fightpfc.com/


  • Swing pillow at full force
  • Dodge/Avoid strikes to the head
  • Incorporate showmanship into fight
  • Perform special moves as defined
  • Only strike with pillow
  • Hold all straps with one hand


  • Do not strike opponent with any part of your body
  • Don’t drop your pillow
  • Do not grab opponent or their pillow
  • No pushing or charging opponent
  • No two-handed overhead strikes

Check out their pormotional video
and YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/@FightPFC

Image Source: https://fightpfc.com/ and https://www.instagram.com/fightpfc/ and https://unsplash.com/

FOR DETAILS REFER Guardian UK coverage of this trend:

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Should the new generation of children learn self-defence and discipline or be allowed to participate in "fights" despite various limitations of body and mind -- through the unique, cathartic and assuredly safe concept and technique called "pillow fighting" ? 

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