Shivamogga Open International Karate Championship 2023

What: Shivamogga Open International Karate Championship 2023

Where: Shivamogga, Karnataka State, India

When: 5 and 6 August 2023

Organized by: Karnataka State Karate Association, Shivamogga City Karate Association, Mouele Shotokan Karate Do Association, India.

Whom to contact: Shihan Vinod, mobile: 99009 33653, email:

This prestigious event will be part of Fit India, Khelo India, Nehru Yuva Kendra and Shotokan World Karate among other well-known organisations and institutions.

The championship is held annually in the beautiful setting of Shivamogga in the heart of Karnataka State.

Shivamogga district has access to the grand Tyavarekoppa Tiger and Lion Reserve. The historic district formed the southern tip of the Emperor Ashoka's Mauryan Empire in the third century BC and ruled by Vijayanagara rulers in 15th century.

Chief Guests at this international championship are: 

* Suman Talwar - noted Indian senior actor
* Pierre F Mouele - Grand Master, USA

Please do get in touch the Shihan Shimoga Vinod for participating in this royal contest. He is the President of K.S.K.A. Technical Director MSKAI, 6th Dan, KAI, USA National Coach & Judge.

* * *

If you are attending this event, please do share your thrill and excitement in photos or words by emailing us