Training App: Dojo by Michael Jai White

Yes, this is for real ! Finally, there is an accomplished, respected and well-known martial artist who can train you no matter where in the world you are located. An app that delivers you a true master's coaching and tips on any handheld device.

So, this month in "Sensei Says" we present to you the wisdom of a veteran who has been successful as a martial arts influencer both offline as well as online.

As the app declares: Michael Jai White is a prolific athlete and movie star. He holds eight black belts from a number of martial arts disciplines, including Shotokan, taekwondo, Goju Rye, and wushukyokushin. He attributes his success and warrior mindset to his dedication to martial arts.

Now, for the first time ever, he is inviting you to join him on the mat in DOJO By Michael Jai. This is more than just fitness; it’s a way of life - a code amongst warriors, a dedication to excellence fuelled by grit, challenge, and celebration of achieving milestones. 

So far, with over 5000 downloads, the app has 4.4 star rating with 63 written reviews. That's more than enough reason to join the virtual dojo. 

Average fee? $15 monthly or $120 yearly.

In Indian Rupees, at the moment it is: Rs. 1400 monthly and Rs. 11,300 annually.

If you believe that is steep, well, just google the person who is going to train you with exclusive insight from decades of applying a variety of skills, techniques, and knowledge - Michael Jai White.

Have fun and do share your feedback about this latest venture of the veteran martial artist and actor by email to

Now back to practice.