Beat exhaustion with these tips

Beat exhaustion with these tips

Physical or mental fatigue is common in sports and general life. Sometimes, this exhaustion can become chronic and you feel without the energy and power needed for everyday routine.

So how can you recharge this body-battery?

1. Prioritize your sleep
It's not just the quantity but also quality of sleep. Sometimes, you might also want to take a nap.

2. Share problems
We all share our successes and joys. Don't stop yourself from confiding in a friend or family-member about your problems. You may also keeep it confidential by talking to a professional therapist instead.

3. Exercise regularly
How is exercise a solution for fatigue? Sounds like a paradox! Well, just getting out of bed and walking, even indoors if not out in the sun, will often change your mood -- give you the momentum to be motivated. It also gives you the feeling of accomplishment, thus encouraging more activity (physical or mental).

4. Healthy food and enough water
Just changing what you consume and how you consume it can change your body and mind drastically. Get the right calories and nutrients and stay hydrated. Food is medicine!

5. Meditation or mindfulness
Whatever works for you -- try either simple breathing exercises or meditation or living in the moment. Mindfulness is basically being aware of the present and not thinking of past or future. Control of breath changes how your body and mind react and respond to external stimulus and internal thoughts.

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