Chuck Norris' secret to self-defence

In this classic interview (from back in August 1980) with Late Night Show host David Letterman, the accomplished martial artist and Hollywood star Chuck Norris reveals his martial arts secrets. 

Is there a particular personality that a true martial artist develops? How does your character and attitude and discipline develop through regular, sincere training in any of the various forms of self-defence?

When this episode aired on television, Chuck had already been practicing and winning at martial arts for 20 years. There is no such thing as overnight success!

Do listen to the philosophy of martial arts that Chuck mentions in this brief interview. "Its not just a physical application -- it strengthens you mentally, psychologically and emotionally." So his view is that the world would be safer with everyone knowing martial arts -- not because they can defend against bullies or criminals -- but since all of us would have no inner-insecurity. Its not about being tough but stability and wisdom.

"People who are good at martial arts, never have to use it" -- Chuck Norris

Just as his friend Bruce Lee had mentioned "The art of fighting without fighting," in his dialogue in the breakthrough movie "Enter The Dragon". 

Chuck also mentions awareness of your environment and noticing the atmosphere in any location as part of martial arts skills.

Apart from teaching us the theory and showing David Letterman a few moves--Chuck Norris also demonstrates how the camera angles are used for shooting action sequences (something many dojo owners might want to learn for their promotional videos).

Chuck goes further to reveal his view on how he would react to a robber or hostile confrontation and why martial arts techniques would be his last option. He discusses stance and physics of a technique in his friendly demonstration.

Finally, the question every student asks--- how long to become an expert?-- well, its the same as learning any other skill in the world--depends on your dedication and practice.

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