Only Three Styles in Martial Arts?!

Only Three Styles in Martial Arts?!

Have you ever wondered or debated with friends on which martial art is better or best?

Well, personally speaking, its best to evaluate your own physical and mental strengths so that you pick a martial arts form that helps you develop those strengths and overcome your weaknesses.

Another interesting way to look at martial arts forms or styles is the fighting style. Martial art form is a formal, organized system with its unique movements and traditions. A fighting style is the expression of those forms in combat.

So this perspective says there are only three universal fighting styles that work:

* Striking: punching, kicking, elbowing, kneeing
* Wrestling: clinching, throwing,
* Grappling: joint-locking, pinning, submitting

All the martial art forms in the world practice these three fighting styles to some extent or to the exclusion of the other two or one--or a combination of them at varying capacities.

Therefore there is no particular martial arts form that will be offering a completely brand new style of fighting. Even Krav Maga with its involvement of using anything from a book or a pen or a piece of cloth in a fight includes one or all three of the aforementioned fighting styles.

So probably, whatever you practice regularly, you will become good at it and be a better martial artist. Alternatively, you might just do mixed martial arts or adapt from the training in different forms to use the combination of martial arts that works for you.