Success strategy: Commitment Vs Involvement

Success strategy: Commitment Vs Involvement 

When you take up martial arts or any physical exercise or sport, ask yourself, "Am I Committed or Am I Just Involved?"

A mindset of commitment is essential for success in the long-run. You may hit the gym or pursue a dojo training for 3 or even 6 months. But do you practice the exercises and routines you have been adviced at home and after you finish your short-term goal? 

So which category you fall into makes all the difference. 

We are all aware of our own hobbies and DIY projects that are abandoned halfway or given up as half-baked idea in our afterthoughts. Then there is the premise of what family and friends think of us spending our spare time in very personal pursuits. 

So how does one commit? How do you get over a bad habit? Well, the answer is more in your mind than your body. Initial hesitation and even lethargy originates in the mind. The fear of failing instead of persevering begins in our mind. So you have to be intellectually and emotionally determined to begin and continue your journey into martial arts or meditation or fitness. When you reason yourself into doing something, the second part is believing it as essential or possible through your emotions. 

When your intellectual and emotional faculties determine a task needs to be done, the body simply is waiting for the orders to get going. Visualization helps in emotional convictions. 

As they say in the West, "showing up is 90% of the success." Once you are in the dojo, everything seems normal for your body and mind to give the training your very best. 

Commitment is also a key quality of a leader. Your team needs you as a rock, a reliable guide and mentor, the captain that stays onboard to sail to a new shore in new horizons.

“It's hard to lead a cavalry charge if you think you look funny on a horse.”
~ Adlai E. Stevenson

Lastly, commitment makes you a true gentleman or a lady. People know you will honor your words. Your verbal commitment is seen as a welcome promise in personal and professional circles. Opportunities arise because people will seek you out as a person to be entrusted in confidence for business.

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