Outcome of consuming protein supplements

What could be the results of consuming protein supplements

In this brief article, we will review what happens to people who consume protein powder every day; what are some effects you can expect to see.

Whey protein is the most popular supplement for those who exercise regularly and compete in any sport as a professional or even as an amateur. Its a healthy milk-based vegetarian product. As with consumption of anything, how and when you consume such supplements may cause minor to major differences in results when compared to fellow athletes.

Not just sports professionals, even office-goers today grab a whey protein milkshake as part of their breakfast to help them endure the city life and long hours at offices.

Protein itself is an essential macronutrient every human body needs for proper functioning. However, your daily diet or lifestyle may not always allow you to consume required amount of various vegetarian and non-vegetarian sources of protein, or digest those foods daily for that matter. Hence arises the need for a protein supplement in the diet.

So what will happen if you consume protein supplements (protein powder) everyday?

1. It results in healthy blood pressure
2. Helps maintain healthy body-weight
3. Gains in muscle development
4. Not known to cause any addiction nor dependence to whey

5. Using poor quality protein brands is known to result in exposure to heavy metals including arsenic, cadmium, mercury and lead. Fly-by-night brands or fake and counterfeit protein products  may have such dangerous metals. Chronic exposure can result in development of renal disease, thyroid disruption, weakened bones and neurological dysfunction.

In India, Government of India has made it mandatory for all products to declare "Country of Origin" of the products. Additionally, you can look where and who has manufactured the product and manufacturing has been undertaken for which company / brand. Is it a licensed version of a foreign brand?

Look for third-party tested products and seek out peer-review regarding which brands are of repute in the multi-billion dollar supplements industry.

While this article only mentions Whey protein, there are over two dozen other types of popular supplements, some have been tested for decades and some which are recent with unknown long-term usage effects.

Always check if your protein product is filled with sugar or has ingredients you actually need and paid for.

So, is Protein Powders safe and good for use?

1. A balanced diet can contain protein powders as another healthy part among other food products.
2. Ensure you follow consumption guideline and note it in your exercise log-book.
3. Use the protein powder which is relevant to your physical needs and not based on what someone else in the sport, dojo, gym or office is using.
4. Choose a brand carefully after scrutiny of third-party verification, expiry dates, genuineness / seal. Get an invoice / bill from the seller when you purchase it.
5. It is a supplement. Do not use it as a meal replacement!

In conclusion, yes, whey protein is safe and reliable, yet you need to check and investigate the sources and brands and serving sizes appropriate to yourself.

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