Why Girls Need a Black Belt

Every girl deserves to live with dignity and to be addressed with respect. While we love to preach, we do little to teach and inculcate values of valour in our girl-child and adult women. Whatever age group a female may be in, they can always learn and adopt techniques and discipline of martial arts to be better equipped to deal with ground realities in any society or social structure.

Here are five good reasons for women to learn martial-arts:

1. Black Belt trains you to be physically, mentally and emotionally strong

2. Discipline & hard-work in Black Belt training teaches you to set and achieve goals in a structured manner

3. Black Belt boosts your self-esteem, self-respect and inculcates humility to respect others

4. Athletic ability and mental agility gained while earning a Black Belt will help in improving your grades & performance in school, college or career

5. Black Belt will empower you with confidence and courage to face obstacles & surprises in life with a positive attitude. You will deal with verbal and physical assaults in an honorable way of a warrior.

* * * 

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