Only Three Exercises for Full-Body Strength

Only Three Exercises for Full-Body Strength at Home

You can build muscle throughout the body and increase your strength level as well in just 30 minutes, all without leaving your home.

Strength training is very important:

  • builds muscle mass
  • improves bone density
  • boosts metabolism naturally

Now, experts suggest you may not need to visit the local gym nor need any equipment for developing muscle and strength.

It's the three-move routine!

  1. Push-ups
  2. Pull-ups
  3. weighted squats

 If you combine this into a circuit training regular routine with planned sets and reps, they will deliver a workout for your entire body. Every major muscle and the core body will improve drastically, saving you time, energy and money.

Make sure you don't rush through the sets and sequences-- to avoid injury. Also, don't put too much gap between it so that your body remains warm and the rush of energy continues to flow.


If you can't think of any safe weights at home or elsewhere such as during traveling-- just do regular squats. Make sure your posture and form are correct. Use a mirror during the first attempts and then develop the habit of proper form.

If you don't know any safe place to perform a pull-up-- lie down on your belly on the floor on a yoga-mat. Then raise your shoulders and keep your toes off the floor. Now raise your arms up parallel to the floor and then pull-them-down without moving the torso. Just imagine you're grabbing a virtual pulley and pulling it from arms raised position toward your shoulders. It is often referred as 'Superman pull-ups' due to the position on the floor.

One cannot emphsize on push-ups often enough and we highly recommend it. Its an essential part of almost all forms of martial-arts.

If you find a push-up difficult, do it with your knees resting on the yoga mat. Alternatively, you can lean against a wall standing up with your core body straight and palms on the wall--- then push away from the wall. This is good way to learn to do push-ups.

Try doing only these three if you don't have time or don't wish to put in the effort of your contemporaries. You will see an amazing difference in physical strength and agility.

As for number of reps-- just do what's comfortable and safe at first, then add to those numbers every other week as you gain strength (and muscle).

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