Functional Fitness: Exercise that truly enables

Functional Fitness: Exercise that truly enables

We often wonder what's the right set of exercises for us. More important is outcome of the exercise. If your exercises enable you to become physically capable and prepared for anything in life – such as moving furniture, climbing a mountain or running after your child – you have succeeded. You should consider it as functional fitness.

Thinking about such outcomes, you may understand the difficulty in pinpointing to specific list of movements or exercises. What all comprises functional fitness? If any exercise is building some form of fitness that helps you live your life more easily, then it is 'functional'. These include strength, cardio, agility and flexibility.

In short--all our martial arts exercises would qualify.

Alternatively or additionally, also lift weights for building strength, improve cardiovascular system by cycling, sprint or skip rope for agility, do calisthenics for flexibility, et al.

A powerful combination of all of these in a single workout is possible through Crossfit, Hyrox or F45.

All-in-all, follow the cardinal principle of all human endeavor--keep it simple, hence my recommendation that irrespective of your dojo attendance, practice the exercises for keeping yourself in shape--not just for when you return to your dojo, but also for daily life activities.

You can also make training and exercise fun and a team-sport. Some foreign and Indian games will utilize all of these above features if you play & practice them regularly. e.g. rugby or how about kabaddi.

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