A Movie without the Action Hero

We bring you more for binge watching on this holiday season. The above rabbit symbolizes virtues of kindness and hope in the year of the Rabbit (year 2023). The two movies we recommend below also illustrate these virtues and more.

A movie about Jackie Chan that does not star Jackie Chan

Movie: "Jackie Chan: Kung Fu Master" (2009) -- the Chinese title was actually "Looking for Jackie Chan" but rely on Western marketing gurus to ruin the good name of the movie as well as the well-known actor.

Yes, it does not star Jackie Chan at all. He is there in a brief guest appearance. 

I don't think people have watched the entire movie before giving it a poor rating on IMDB. They just saw it didn't actually star Jackie Chan and decided to rate it badly.

A 16 year kid in Indonesia admires Jackie Chan but cannot gain respect of his classmates due to poor grades in Chinese. He travels to Beijing to meet his idol and become his disciple -- so that he can learn to beat up his classmates. Will the arrogant, rude & ungrateful teenager learn anything?

He encounters three ladies who deliver him with three diverse lessons & experiences. Finally, the fourth lady is his grandma who manages to teach him something, though, via Jackie Chan. A very ideal movie for young kids & teenagers in all cultures. Timeless in its wisdom.

It is an entertaining movie. Another movie about a girl going from Taiwan to Hong Kong to find true love does star Jackie Chan-- highly recommend that one too, titled in English as "Gorgeous" (1999). Cool life lessons delivered entertainingly. Gorgeous has a tight script and non-stop entertainment from start to finish. You will be left wanting for more.

Kung Fu Master: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1478291/

Gorgeous: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0184526/


"Lousy Kung Fu can be improved. However, a lousy person can't improve anything."
~ the Abbott to the kid in the movie "Kung Fu Master"
"I must train not so that I can defeat him. I must train to have a strong body and a sharp mind."
~ Jackie Chan in the movie "Gorgeous"
* * *

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