One Year Anniversary of

This is post number 101 and on 8th November we celebrate one year since launch of -- our attempt to address the need for an online archive of martial arts in India.

In the past one year, I have had the privilege to meet many accomplished masters in and around Mumbai. I have tried to understand their expectations from an online community while attempting to present to them the benefit and need of a shared weblog such as instead of exclusive use of WhatsApp Groups.

Social Media engagement benefits are immediate but the lifespan and attention-span of its content is also as brief and fleeting. 

If you try searching for an annual event that has been held before in your city or search for the dojo or sensei someone recommended somewhere on one of your WhatsApp Groups or Facebook posts or some YouTube video link-- chances are that you will most likely not be able to find it. 

You would ultimately have to ask a dozen people or search in vain on Google search engines for whatever you think you had seen / read on any of the various social media platforms.

This, however, is just one of the many issues resolved by having an online community resource such as

  • We provide an even playing field
  • We are not sponsored by anyone
  • We do not seek any fees for informing readers about your dojo, yourself, your students, your events, etc
  • We seek to create genuine opportunity for pan-India awareness to students, parents, event organizers, trainers, federations, et al
  • We seek to present aesthetically the sport aspect, the self-defense aspect and the discipline, honor and tradition aspect of martial arts
  • We are not about fighting and events alone-- we seek to promote lifelong philosophy of a warrior spirit and finding ways to apply martial arts theory, exercise and skills in non-combat avenues such as in academics, athletics, personal fitness, career, staying motivated, self-esteem, etc
  • We try to keep our articles brief and images for reference and inspiration. For more images, you may see our new Instagram profile
  • The sections are divided into 12 distinct Topics and clicking on any topic will show all the posts on that subject
  • The archives are grouped into months, so you will see various posts published on that month if you click for example: issue no September 2023
  • Apart from these easy ways to navigate our 101 posts, you may simply click on the "Search this blog" text-box and type any particular keyword just like you search on -- in fact, our search box is powered by Google search engine

It has been a difficult and bumpy ride and we have yet not achieved even half of what we set out to do in our first year online. This is primarily because martial arts is still a hobby and not a career choice for the masses. Additionally, there is an ever-increasing choice of many different forms of martial arts.

Complicating it further is the generation we work with-- kids, teenagers and young adults who are used to demanding and who have been taught to get "immediate results". They also do not have patience with theory and philosophy or discipline and honor, etc. Its nothing more than a "combat sport" or "art of war" for them. They do not even perceive it as a self-defense--they intend to be the person who strikes first, even in tournaments and championships.

Space constraints and time limitations along with commuting difficulties are the other common complaints / excuses we hear in metro cities.

Those are best handled by our nation's spirited martial arts trainers, coaches and any shortcomings of the dojo is overcome with passion and integrity among the fraternity. So, those aspects are not something immediately affecting this weblog called but without their survival and growth, our efforts would be futile and solely an archive instead of a living inspiration.

What did fail to achieve in its targets?

  1. Lot of our information is from Maharashtra and neighboring States. We have been unable to inspire the diverse cultural and lingual landscape of India to connect with us and share their insight into martial arts with us.
  2. Our free service seems to be uninspiring to some. It will help the martial arts community looking for India-specific information online, as well as benefit you in the long-run and we won't demand anything in return. Profit is not always money! Sometimes profit is wisdom, knowledge, fraternity and blessings.
  3. Our Topics such as "Women's View", "Analysis", "Junior Jam" and "Essential Theory" have not seen much "action"-- which is to say, they lack content for the past one year. Please help us help you, your dojo, your federation and association spread the good word on these topics. Be a subject matter expert and attract more students.

In conclusion -- we are grateful for all your kindness and courtesy and we hope you will recommend us to your colleagues and associates outside Mumbai as well. 

We only cover and report on India's martial artists. Please benefit from these exclusivity!

Best wishes and season's greetings to one and all. Oss!

* * *