Ultimate Weight Training Guide for Beginners


There are many ready, brief and to the point guides to weight training which is crucial as you grow older. It is not just for your muscles but also for bone density and burning calories when outside the gym. More muscles means easier daily activity and calories getting used even while resting.

We found this recent article in Men's Health magazine which is updated with more recent understanding of the needs of those who work on strength training.

More importantly, it is tailor-made for beginners. Have a look:

How much weight should beginners lift? If you don't know which dumbbells to head for on day one of your gym membership, consider this your guide.

The article contains:
Start Here: Learn The Moves
How Much Weight Should Beginners Lift?
3 Day Plan: What's a Good Beginner Weight Lifting Routine?
How Many Days a Week Should a Beginner Lift Weights?
Which Dumbbells Should I Buy for a Home Gym?

Read it at: https://www.menshealth.com/uk/building-muscle/a45583853/weight-training-for-beginners/

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