2nd WAKF Karate Championship and Seminar 2024

2nd WAKF Karate Championship and Seminar 2024

Where: Japan

When: on 10th and 11th February 2024

Venue: Kisarazu Gym, Chiba Ken

contact: wakfofficial @ gmail.com


Dear masters,

If you or your students are interested in participating in WAKF Championship as well as a Japan tour --please contact Sensei Bharat P. Chauhan immediately since very less time remains for deadline.

  • You and your students will get an opportunity to participate in the WAKF - INTERNATIONAL KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP AND SEMINAR
  • You get the opportunity to get Sword training from Red belt Grandmaster Soke Nimura Kenji (Founder and World Chairman of WAKF- World All Karate Federation), in Chibaken (Tokyo),
  • Fly also to Okinawa island--the birthplace of Karate and Kobudo
  • You get an opportunity to train under 'Superman of Okinawa', Hanshi Kiyohide Shinjo, who is a 9 times World Champion in Kata and Kumite
  • You will have an opportunity to receive training in Okinawan Weapons (Kobudo) from Red Belt Grandmaster Hanshi Naonobu Ahagon
  • There is also a chance for visiting Iejima island by ship

This is the Japan Tour of 2024 which will be a landmark for your Martial Arts profession and your journey as a Karateka.

For Details, please contact:
Sensei Bharat P. Chauhan,
Representative for Maharashtra and Gujarat State
call: 79775 74416

* * * 

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