Benefits of doing India's "Dand" (push-up) exercise

Benefits of doing India's "Dand" (push-up) exercise

The Indian Push Up, well-known as Dand, offers a huge number of benefits which are all packed into a single movement. Dand will train your chest, shoulders, and triceps just as a push up does. Additionally it will also build mobility in the spine, the shoulders, hamstrings, and calves. On top of all this, it can surely help you to develop a better body-awareness and proprioception.

There are also many more benefits once you begin looking at the various forms of Indian Push Ups and their variations, used in traditional Akharas (arena) since ages.

Some of these include: Hanuman Dand, dive bombers, cobra pose, among others.

Dand is not to be confused with the other Indian exercise called Surya-namaskar, which is commonly taught in Yoga classes. Surya-namaskar (Sun salute) is more elaborate and has similar if not the same benefits.

Please do watch the below video that takes you through how to perform Hindu Push Ups step-by-step and how to go beyond them to do more.

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