Utilizing the Power of Horse Stance

Utilizing the Power of Horse Stance

The horse stance, or Ma Bu, is a standing position from Chinese martial arts. This is also common starting position in Japanese Karate.

The Horse Stance is a low stance that can be held for a duration of time as an isometric contraction. This will build strength and stability in the lower body, and also mobility, endurance, and control. Horse stance is therefore a secret weapon not only for martial artists, but anyone who wants to develop powerful, functional movement.

It does not involve squatting but does flex the similar set of muscles. Enter any dojo and ask for a trial and you will probably already start with a horse stance as a fundamental exercise and fighting strategy. Yet applications of horse stance goes beyond martial arts for anyone who wishes to be fit and mobile.

Many of us lose our ability to seamlessly transition between various levels and planes of motion. For example, going into a deep squat, or shifting to a cossack squat, then stand up on one leg, etc. Would you like to do all of such movements and positions without pain and discomfort? Going to a regular gym for a couple of heavy lifts entirely in the sagittal plane and with limited range of motion won't prepare you for these.

Performant legs should look like the ones of horse stance practitioners.

The horse stance is also a great tool for developing willpower and the mind muscle connection. You might have also noticed in old KungFu movies that Horse Stance was sometimes used as a form of punishment. Either ways your Sensei / Shifu delivers it to you, you will be learning a valuable lesson that will abide by you for a lifetime.

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