6th ShotoCup 2024: All Bharat Open‎ Karate National Championship

6th ShotoCup 2024: All Bharat Open‎ Karate National Championship

Rs.1,10,000 Cash‎ Prize

Respected Shihan,‎ Sensei, Friends.
It's‎ my‎ pleasure‎ to invite‎ you‎ all to the 6th ShotoCup 2024 All Bharat Open‎ Karate National Championship.

Organised‎ By: Traditional Karate Federation
To‎ be‎ held on: 4th of‎ August 2024.
Venue: Andheri Sports‎ Complex.‎ Shahaji Raje Krida‎ Sankul‎ next‎ to‎ Azad‎ Nagar metro‎ Station‎ Andheri‎ West‎ Mumbai‎ 400053.
Fees: Rs.2500-/  (50/50 Kata and‎ Kumite, Both‎ events are‎ compulsory)

Kindly note‎ that‎ 25th‎ Jully 2024 is‎ last day‎ to‎ submit the form‎ for‎ this tournament.

No extra Fees‎ will be charged‎ for‎ Grand‎ Championship.

* Wild‎ card entries are there‎ for Grand‎ Championship.

Grand‎ Championship Total cash prize‎ will‎ be‎ ₹.‎1,10,000

* Grand Championship will‎ be‎ there for‎ both Kata and Kumite events. 

  • Participants of‎ under‎ 8,‎ under‎ 10, under 12,‎ under‎ 14, under‎ 16, and‎ under‎ 18, men‎ and‎ women‎ open‎ will‎ have grand championship matches.
  • Only competitor‎ who‎ achieves 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place in‎ the‎ Grand‎ Championship will‎ get‎ cash prize.
  • Grand Championship winner's will be getting‎ cash‎ prize.
  • The‎ biggest,‎ 1st,‎ 2nd‎ and‎ 3rd team will‎ get‎ team trophy.
  • Highest Kumite Gold medals trophy
  • Highest Kumite Silver medals trophy
  • Highest‎ Kumite Bronze medal trophy
  • Highest Kata Gold medals trophy
  • Highest Kata Silver medals trophy
  • Highest‎ Kata Bronze medal trophy
  • One‎ team will be eligible for‎ any one‎ trophy only.

Teams have already registered from:

  • Maharashtra Rajasthan
  • Gujarat
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Jammu and Kashmir
  • Pondicherry
  • Karnataka
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Uttarakhand
  • Assam
  • Gujarat

For further details‎ contact‎ organized at phone 9833550111 or email‎ manishjadli@gmail.com

ID card‎ will be issued on 2nd August 2024, containing date‎ and‎ time for the participants.

Please ask your‎ Team‎ Members or Students to fill this‎ online form at below given‎ link or scan‎ QR‎ code‎ from‎ the brochure.

For‎ Above‎ all‎ *conditions apply &‎ all rights reserved with‎ organizer.

Expecting your‎ Presence‎ and support‎ will‎ bring success‎ to this‎ Championship.
Thank You,
Chief‎ Organiser Shot Cup.

* * * 

If you are participating in this event, please do send us photos and share your views and experiences from the championship. Email it to editor@TaiJutsu.art