Art of Relaxation

Art of Relaxation

Hectic urban lifestyle along with FOMO (fear of missing out) makes us so busy in the rat race that either--we can't shut down our mind to relax and sleep--or we can't focus to enjoy something such as learning a new skill, reading a book, enjoying a new music playlist, etc

What is it that can be quick and easy way to subdue the pacing mind and heart? No, you need not pop any pills or start a new challenging journey into learning meditation techniques.

Children seem to be adept at switching their stressed brain from one difficult activity to a playful activity. Maybe there is something adults can learn and apply form the same.

If you enjoy outdoors, go for a walk or if you enjoy a team sport, join a local sports team. Suppose there isn't a team that plays your favorite game, just join existing game because you will enjoy teamwork and making new connections inside your brain (neurons). Even a nice long shower or bath helps many people.

Sometimes, none of these maybe be possible or may have been utilised to its limit.

So, how about scribbling and doodling. You need not start searching for a drawing or painting class. You need not start a new art hobby. Children don't draw or sketch or paint to compete in local art galleries. They do it to enjoy and express themselves in pencil or paint on paper.

So do just that! Express complex and unspeakable emotions and stress by letting the ink or pencil or paint roll around or paper. You may also print out patterns and shapes from the internet for coloring them. Some level of focus in coloring them is automatic and subconscious and this will trigger a mechanism to reduce stress and improve your mood.

Art therapy is a well-known and common way to change your chain of thoughts and relieve anxiety. It can cause release of dopamine and thus make you feel better and improve your outlook, perception, mood, focus and concentration. This will then give you further confidence and motivation to persevere in your daily duties and obligations while also trying to enjoy life.

Finding work-life balance is an art of living lost in modern lifestyle. You can rekindle it through joyous child-like curiosity and simplicity. Be free from the rat race by finding your own sport and don't forget to be sporting through life's ups and downs.

Below we share a few black and white images you can print out and start coloring. Then turn the page and start drawing your own mind's picture.

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