Overall wellbeing for total fitness

Overall wellbeing for total fitness

Mind matters when it comes to physical health. Fitness centres are now taking care of both physical and emotional wellbeing to provide a 360-degree approach to wellness.

A traditional gym will get you into a collection of competitive heaving, grunting musclemen. Such daily comparison and evaluation is not only a detriment to training mindset, it is a social distraction and also systematic body shaming and inculcates poor self-esteem.

A dojo that leaves no student behind is the ideal systemic training of not only the weakest link but the whole chain--the peers and the Sensei are tested in such a circumstance.

A yoga gurukul also follows a similar approach to a traditional martial arts dojo of cultivating respect, dignity, honor, courage, determination and goodwill toward one and all.

Women are often left behind when discussing fitness and martial arts and it is assumed they have their own support system among themselves. However, unless their peer capabilities are recognised by competing at the same platform and same evaluation techniques, then they too will feel the emotion of being outcast or somehow incapable to survive in a "man's world". Hence, a good trainer will keep the women students steadfast and gently motivated without being overly compassionate--as we are preparing them for the worst in the best possible manner.

Good habits don't form as fast as we wish. We eat one junk meal and soon we binge eat regularly. We skip one practice at gym or dojo and soon we are skipping weeks of sessions. We start taking a cab instead of walking. We order food instead of going to the mall. The bad habits develop fast and easily because indeed it is convenient. We are wired to seek comfort through our ancient survival mindset hidden deep within the back of our brain.

We have to awaken our consciousness to know that we are not living in those Stone Age days. We are actually accustomed to a modern lifestyle which is leading us rapidly to a wide variety of lifestyle illnesses--not just one!

So make a timetable and stick to it.

Repeating same routines will slowly ingrain your brain with a new pattern of behaviour and you will soon have habits that support overall wellbeing. Your mind would be more active, alert, happy and positive. It will be receptive to information and instruction. You will exercise more adequately and learn and apply more effectively. You will see a transformation in your physique by training your brain to be obedient and disciplined.

How to start? Go back to the basics. Keep the back straight. Stand with shoulders wide and chest outward. When you exercise, do it with a purposeful motion, knowing what muscles are getting involved, instead of simply counting the reps.

It all comes down to reps and sets. Repeat your timetable strictly everyday. If you are delayed, reschedule it for the same day. Practice alone if you have to. Do a shorter set but don't miss it. These reps will become a sculpted mind and body.

No talent manifests and no skills come without practice; and success is simply repetitions (reps) of good work habits.

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