Future of sports and sportsmanship in jeopardy?

 Future of sports and sportsmanship in jeopardy?

Science Fiction is no stranger to facts. Is this what people get for supporting GMO seeds and lab-grown meat ??!! If you have seen the epic movies such as “Running Man” (1987) or “Hard Target” (1993) then you have seen the future of entertainment and voyeurism and transformation of fox hunting and trophy hunting into something cannibalistic.

There is news of a group or rich investors pushing for the new-age of sports -- Drug-Enhanced Sports. Yup, that's what they believe is the need and future of Sports Entertainment.

Already people have forgotten what is sports, replacing it with the TV concept of "Sports Entertainment". You have the pro-wrestling and the ridiculous looking bodybuilders of today. The humongous rugby players and baseball players. Compare these to their counterparts 70 years ago and you will see the vast difference in skills, aesthetics, health. Obviously that generation of sportsmen would have received less audience enthusiasm and money today.

People have been conditioned to bigger and faster and ridiculous. Superhuman or super-freak, there seems to be no distinction nor preference for promoters and audience. Sponsors too are happy pushing this bizarre form of entertainment and tagging it with the word "sports".

So, what is sports and sportsmanship? Modern generations will sadly never know and realize.

Enhanced Games — who will benefit from the ‘drug friendly’ sports?

Experts feel that there are health risks with the performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) and the claims to allay the concerns through extensive medical check before the events will not suffice.

Enhanced Games that claims to be an alternative to the Olympic Games has stirred a debate about its utility, with opponents saying that this was in gross violation of sports ethics and integrity. However, leading investors, venture capitalists and high-net-worth individuals are reportedly backing the 'new Olympics', saying this is the future of sports.


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