Get off the couch drug

Get off the couch drug

The natural, healthy and legal remedy for those who simply can't seem to get themselves to exercise might just be hiding in your hands or your living room.

Yes, it is MUSIC !

Music can change moods, minds and muscles too apparently. 

Apart from initial motivational boost, research suggests that music also offers increased endurance and strength while you feel less fatigue as you workout more effortlessly and more confidently.

Next time you feel hopeless and unworthy of your dojo or your gym or any fitness endeavor, put on the playlist of your favorite music and allow it to seep into your ears, brain, brawn and bones. The way music works is well-known and yet not fully utilized.

So no need for caffeine. No need for energy drinks. No need for those pre-workout blends sold by fitness supplement industry. Hey, you may not even need a coach to coax your butt off the bed. Just put on the music when you wake up and start your day kicking and punching your way to martial arts expertise.

Of course, in a dojo, the discipline requires silence and contemplation. However, music is common aspect of many gyms and there is a different type of calming music played in many yoga classes. Traditional dojos won't entertain your recommendation of music while practicing of course--dojo is a temple, just like a traditional Indian Akhara. At home though, you may use it to find your rhythm and focus. 

Personally, we recommend the same soothing music, often instrumental, used in yoga for you to use during home practice of martial arts movements and exercises. 

It might also be that music of your choice distracts you from the very real effort of exercise and the disturbance in the environment, helping you to keep going and also focus better on your rep's form and accuracy. This will help you not only complete your training and practice but also go that extra mile needed for being better than before, break through plateaus, training till targeted muscle failure.

The focus brought on by music may also help you in being more efficient and hence practice or workout longer; because you may not feel tired as easily as when you did not use music. A cool performance enhancing trick.

When you enjoy the music in your playlist, you will also enjoy your workout and this will automatically fight fatigue. This means more intense workout or practice.

While some studies go on to recommend specific tempo and beat to get you to really boost your fitness routine, for most people, simply choosing songs that solicit a positive emotional response from yourself will do the needful.

So next time you reach for another mug of coffee or so-called energy boosters--just reach for your headphones and put on your favorite playlist instead. 

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