Exercise fights misery

Battle depression by getting up; get going.

Lifestyle illnesses are common but people mostly notice the physical illnesses and its visible signs and symptoms. However, much of mental maladies such as depression is getting common with the lifestyle of modern generation including youth and those between 25 and 40 years of age.

Did you know, you only need as little as 20 minutes of daily physical activity to prevent onset of depression and its consequent physical, social, personal and professional problems?

Yes! Just 20 minutes of exercise is all it takes. Even if it is just getting out of bed and walking through your nearby streets or a park. 

So exercise is proven through multiple research as being able to prevent not just physical illnesses but also mental miseries. Along with proper medical and social support, even those already suffering from depression can get back to their regular lifestyle through addition of daily physical activities. 

Go farther and walk to a distant market to get your apple a day of exercise and preventive care.

* * * 

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