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Tai-Jutsu magazine for martial-arts was envisioned to fill the void in India for Singular Online Resource for Multiple Forms of Martial Arts. Aiming at offering reliable, latest information, news, events, opportunities and dojos for martial-arts enthusiasts. It is also essential bridge for the martial-arts professionals to know their students' needs and the competition they currently face nationally and internationally.

It's a knowledge base serving the long-term purpose of benefiting the current and future generations of India's martial-artists. A permanent online archive for everyone to refer, easily on any internet enabled device, 24x7.

Literal translation of TAIJUTSU, written as 体術 is "Body-Technique" or "Body-Skill". It refers to any of the various unarmed combat skills in well-established traditions of the East.

Our Motto: "Aspire To Inspire" 

Our aspiration also promises: Service before Self.
That's our approach and dedication to this ancient art.

The Sections of this magazine are primarily divided into Twelve Topics:

  • Sensei Says  
  • Kumite Analysis 
  • Eternal Student 
  • Women's View 
  • Events 
  • News
  • Essential Theory 
  • In Entertainment 
  • Junior Jam 
  • Fitness Formula
  • Quotes
  • In Photos
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