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Do you have your own Dojo? Are you a member of a Federation? Are you a student who wants to compete at national level events?  Are you a new student? Are you organizing or participating in an upcoming combat event? All enthusiasts and instructors, officials and judges are most welcome to share their news, photos and wisdom with us. Refer our About Us Section to understand the content we publish.

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We are always looking forward to hear from martial art practitioners in various parts of this diverse nation of ours. Don't ever worry about language skills. We will set up the content. We appreciate your interest in martial arts and wish you can ask your queries, clarify doubts, share event news and reports, photos and banners for upcoming or past competitions, Federation updates and more.

If you would like to volunteer your time, we would be glad to know your skills beyond the mat, outside the ring. Expert opinion and knowledge is priceless wisdom to many aspirants, so please do not hesitate to connect with our Editor/s.

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